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hot news - 9.12.20
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The Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs Boris Titov is ready to come up with an initiative to soften the criteria for the creditworthiness of developers when receiving project financing by reducing the requirements for the profitability of the project and the minimum share of the developer in investments with equity capital. The Kommersant newspaper writes about this with reference to a message from the office of the business ombudsman.

In addition, Titov intends to propose to the Central Bank to limit the commissions of banks for developers and to oblige financial institutions to calculate interest rates on loans, taking into account commissions, as well as to prohibit banks from obliging developers to ensure the opening of accounts of all contractors of developers in one financial institution. Titov will send a proposal to the Cabinet of Ministers for additional capitalization of Dom.RF Bank, which will allow expanding the volume of guarantees and at the same time softening the required reserve requirements. As a result, the weighted average rate on loans issued within the framework of project financing should decrease from 8-10% to 4-5%.

All measures proposed by Titov are designed to solve the problems faced by developers after the reform of the shared construction industry: the costs of developers have grown, and many small companies were forced to leave the market. At the same time, in many cities, new housing is not being built at all, Titov noted, referring to a recent study by the Rating Agency of the Construction Complex (RASK). It said that housing construction is underway only in about 27.5% of Russian cities (308 out of 1117). At the same time, according to the Central Bank, 45% of loans to developers in the past year were issued in Moscow, 10% - in the Moscow region and 7.5% - in St. Petersburg. The remaining 37.5% of loans were distributed between 69 regions, and in 13 regions developers did not receive loans within the framework of project financing.

Titov also noted that only 23 banks issue loans to developers, although 99 banks have received appropriate accreditation. In the regions, developers can count on obtaining loans only from the five largest banks - the problem is associated with the low margin of projects in small and medium-sized cities.

According to Nikolay Alekseenko, general director of RASK, the situation in the regions can be improved by attracting budget funds and strengthening the role of the state in regional markets. "Local developers can take on the role of general contractors for targeted government orders," Alekseenko explained.

As a reminder, within the framework of the reform of the sphere of shared construction from July 1, 2019, when buying an apartment in a new building and concluding an agreement on shared participation, the shareholder transfers money not to the developer, but to the bank, and the financial institution blocks these funds on the developer's escrow account until the end of construction. The developer can receive this money only after the house is delivered, and developers must receive funds for the construction of housing within the framework of project financing in the form of bank loans.

In July of this year, it was reported that the transition of the equity construction industry to escrow accounts and project financing led to the departure of almost 70% of small and medium-sized developers from the capital market, and recently it became known that the area of ??housing that is being built in Russia with the involvement of money of equity holders through escrow accounts, for the first time exceeded the area of ??housing being built according to the old scheme of shared construction. "Out of 99.7 million square meters, 45.9 million squares are being built according to a new scheme," said Vitaly Mutko, general director of the state-owned company Dom.RF.

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