About Blackmore’s Night

Blackmore’s Night, the Renaissance Band of  Minstrels, features legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore ( formerly of Deep Purple and Rainbow) and award winning singer/songwriter Candice Night, and their international band of talented musicians.
Performing on acoustic guitars, mandolins, mandolas, as well as the electric guitars, Ritchie’s brilliant fret work on Renaissance/Medieval based melodies opens a whole new dimension for his amazing talent . The mystical vocals of Candice Night portrayed through her fairy tale,mythical lyrics, takes us on journeys through Old World Europe right into contemporary times.
She also performs  on several medieval instruments: shawm, cornamuse, rauschpfeife, pennywhistle, and chanters. The 6 piece  Minstrel Band  includes the very talented  Bard David on Keyboards, Earl Gray on Bass, and new guest musicians for the 2012 concerts.

Blackmore’s Night has been awarded many gold records and is acclaimed throughout the world -recently awarded the Best Vocal Album of the Year Award for their latest studio release Autumn Sky.
Their  brand new release-coming summer of 2012 is the Blue Ray, HD and live CD filmed at their  concert from York England:  “A Knight in York”

They will play in Holland at Nijmegen on July 11th. Tickets can be ordered by www.ticketmaster.nl. Fans in costume buy a ticket first. If they want special seating in the front rows they have to send a mail with their ticket number and name to nijmegen2012@blackmoresnightfanclub.nl